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Name:remus/sirius collaboration fest
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What is [community profile] rs_collab?

rs_collab is a trope and collaboration fest. What this means is that writers, artists and podficcers sign up in teams or to be matched into a team for the purpose of collaborating. These teams then collaborate to create a fanwork. The fanwork can be anything from fic to fic with art to art to comics to fic with podfic to podfic of pre-existing fic. The team constellations can be anything too - three writers? Check! Two artists? Check! One writer and two artists! Check! An artist, two writers and a podficcer? Check! Two podficcers? Check! And so on.

But where do the tropes come into it?

This is not a prompt-and-claim fest, rather this fest's overall theme is tropes. What this means is that instead of prompts to claim, there will be tropes to claim and be inspired by. For example: if a team claims the trope "lying-low-at-Lupin's", the team will create a work inspired by that trope. There will be no specifics given, and the team has free reins to do what they want with the trope. They can even create a non-magic AU where Sirius crashes on Remus' sofa! They can set the fic/art in space (space sofas, y'all!)! They can also do a traditional tropey post!POA fic/art/reading of the type that we all know and love.

The tropes that can be claimed are a) common R/S tropes and/or b) an hitherto rare or unknown trope in R/S (for example: fake marriage).

That's all really great, but what if I don't know anybody? How do I sign up?

Don't worry if you don't know anybody! If you are here to a) have fun and b) create a really cool fanwork, then you are WELCOME to the fest. You are NOT the only one who doesn't know anybody. There are R/S shippers waiting to get to know you and work with you!
The sign-up forms for those who don't already have a team are very detailed, and allow us to match you according to your preferences. A person who has put in their sign up form "I dislike writing about Remus eating a lot of chocolate" will not be paired with a person who put in their sign up form "MY FAVOURITE REMUS EATS A LOT OF CHOCOLATE". We will do our absolute best to match you with another person (or two, or three!).

We get to have team names?

ABSOUTELY. Actually, it's a MUST for all teams to have team names. Why? Because it's more fun that way! Who doesn't want a team name like The Three Moonyteers? Or perhaps Dadly Sirious? Team Mooners? Team Luscious Locks? Perhaps something J├Ąger inspired? Let your imagination run wild!

You had me at trope and collaboration fest. When can I sign up?

Sign ups are closed for the 2016 round! Check back in early 2017 for the dates of the next round.


1. All ratings will be accepted - however this also means that all participants must be age 18 or older. All characters participating in sexual activity must be aged 16+.

2. As this is an anonymous fest, please don't post your works anywhere else until after the reveals. NB! Podficcers are not anonymous! Please keep your team name under wraps, as posting will be done under team names! You are however free to tell everyone who you've signed up with/been paired with.

3. All team constellations are allowed: three writers, an artist and a podficcer, two artists, three writers and an artist, an artist and a writer, two writers and a podficcer, four artists, etc.

4. All submissions must be co-creations! That's the entire purpose of this fest. ;D Everyone on the team must've participated in creating the final work. How exactly this happens is up to you; maybe a team of two artists has one doing linework and the other the colouring, another team of artists may brainstorm together, and one does sketching, another inking, and then share the colouring...the possibilities are endless.

5. There are two ways to sign up. If you already know who you want to sign up with, talk to them and make sure everyone's on the same page. Your team can sign up in the team sign up post. If you don't have a co-creator but still want to participate, you can sign up in the matchmaking post. We'll match you with a team or partner according to your preferences. :)

6. Lastly, all submissions must be created for this fest and must be able to stand on their own.


1. Every member of the team must provide their email address in their sign ups, but please designate one person as the Team Leader. Your team should have a name! If you do not sign up in a team, your newly matched team will get the chance to come up with a team name before claiming starts.

2. You can sign up twice in two different teams, or once in the team sign ups post and once in the matchmaking post. Teams can consist of 2, 3 or 4 people. If you want to sign up with your four (or more) bestest friends, you'll have to split into smaller teams.

3. This is not a prompt-and-claim fest and there will be no prompts. Instead, the teams pick a trope to be inspired from. There will be a list of common R/S tropes as well as a wildcard list of tropes rarely or never seen in R/S. Teams can choose to claim one trope from each list - so two tropes to work with - or stick to one trope from one of the lists.

4. Claiming will be open for a week. All claims are screened - there is no cap on how many teams can claim a single trope, but we don't want to ruin the surprise or make it too easy to guess which team created which work. See timeline for exact dates.


1. Minimum length for fics is 2000 words. Fic should be submitted in doc or docx. As for art, if it looks like it's been thrown together in MS paint in five minutes, we won't accept it - put some effort into your work. We accept formats .jpg, .png and .gif.

2. Traditional art (whether by pencil or digital) is preferred, though we are open to varieties. That being said, we likely won't accept interpretative dance. When in doubt - ask!

3. Podficcers must provide cover art (or perhaps the artist in the team, if there is one such). The coverart must be 400x400px. If using art made by somebody outside the fest, you must have permission to use it, and credit must be given.

4. Podfics should be in mp3. If you are able to compile mb4 files, please submit your work in mb4 in addition to mp3. To send the files, uploading them to dropbox, mediafire, or similar filesharing sites is the best option. As podficcers are not anonymous, you may also use your own hosting if you prefer (for example for stat reasons).

5. All submissions must be betaed.

6. Please include all necessary html tags in your work. Paste the filled out LJ header and AO3 form into the body of the email.

7. We will be posting all works to ao3 with our mod account. After the reveals you will be added as co-creators. If you do not have an ao3 account, let us know if you need an invite.

8. Upon completion, your works must be sent to rscollabmods at gmail dot com. The subject line should look like this: Submission, Team Name, Type of Work.


1. If you need an extension, let us know ASAP! Write us at rscollabmods at gmail dot com, and put the following in your subject line: Extension, Team Name.

2. If you need to drop out, please also let us know as soon as possible. If you fail to notify us or we hear nothing from you, your entire team will be banned from future rounds. Subject line: Drop out, Team Name. If only part of the team drops out, and the remaining members would like to continue participating in the fest, please discuss it with us - we'll look into solutions.

If you have any questions, please email us at rscollabmods at gmail dot com. All the above information can also be assessed in the rules & guidelines post.


Sign-ups: January 27th-February 2nd
Matches: February 6th
Claiming: February 8th-15th
Check-ins: March 15th & April 15th
Works due: May 15th
Posting starts: June 15th
Reveals: TBA


Your mods are epithalamium, mrs_jack_turner&nerak_rose. We can be reached at rscollabmods at gmail dot com.

We're affiliated with:

LJ layout by nerak_rose and header art + icons by dustmouth.

Pimping banners made by nerak_rose using art by epithalamium.
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